Meet Ava® Clastics

Although it’s widely considered best practice to use analogue data in facies models, the process is time consuming, somewhat subjective, and highly variable depending on domain expertise.

Using our proprietary GeoCypher™ logic, a technology jointly developed with the University of Leeds, Ava Clastics analogue database and clastic sedimentology software transforms analogues into the parameters required for facies modelling algorithms, and delivers them directly to applications like Petrel* E&P software platform. We designed Ava Clastics to seamlessly inform reservoir models, so asset teams can quickly assess the impact of incorporating high-quality analogue information.

*Mark of Schlumberger

Save Time

Researching for publicly available analogues takes twice as long as it does to utilise the rich data contained within Ava Clastics. Additionally, the Ava Clastics’ automated parameterisation workflow and the seamless integration with Petrel software platform improves efficiency and accuracy.

Increase Confidence

Generate more realistic volume distributions and improve well placement by incorporating analogues in your facies modelling workflow. With Ava Clastics, a geomodeller can easily test the validity of their facies modelling assumptions against analogues from a variety of databases covering a broad range of depositional systems.

Improve Consistency

Reservoir engineers are more quantitative. Geoscientists are more qualitative. Both need a common understanding of the subsurface. Ava Clastics provides a dedicated platform for geoscientists to showcase their Depositional Concepts while also transforming them into algorithms appropriate for engineers.

Transfer Knowledge

Systematically empower future generations of geologists by giving them access to the knowledge that only experience and domain expertise provides. Quickly incorporate company best practices and proprietary science in the static model by using Ava Clastics.

GeoCypherTM Logic

Ava Clastics analogue database and clastic sedimentology software includes transformation technology, GeoCypher logic, that converts a Depositional Concept into recommended parameters for use in facies modelling algorithms. Based on your query of the analogue databases, GeoCypher logic analyses the available resources and automatically transforms the analogues into dimensions for attributes like amplitude, wavelength, thickness and width. The technology is designed to eliminate the tedious and manual conversions of conventional analogue database presentation, saving you time and creating consistency in your team’s modelling workflow.


At the heart of Ava Clastics are a collection of world-class sedimentological analogue databases commercially offered by PDS Group, including FAKTS, SMAKS and DMAKS. These databases, created by the University of Leeds, encapsulate many years of research and scientific rigour, and were created so geoscientists could rapidly incorporate and reference analogues in their workflows. Ava Clastics makes them accessible and transforms the data into actionable insights.


Database Versatility

Your subscription to Ava Clastics comes with exclusive commercial access to the FAKTS, SMAKS and soon, DMAKS databases. However, the flexibility of the platform also enables the use of other databases including your own proprietary analogue databases.



While Ava Clastics has a number of built-in features and capabilities, clients often want to incorporate their own logics, analogues, databases and algorithms. We have a team of geoscientists and software developers that can accommodate your specific requirements.



When compiling reserves estimates, production volumes and field development plans, you can accompany the reports with robust user history and the supporting analogues that can be directly exported from Ava Clastics and uploaded to the Petrel software platform.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Step-by-Step Tutorials

As an Ava Clastics member, you will have access to additional materials such as eBooks, abstracts, case studies, videos, newly published algorithms and video tutorials.


Annual Subscription

Annual subscription to Ava Clastics include access to all sedimentological analogue databases, rapid deployment of upgrades, access to new features and exclusive ‘members only’ materials.

24-7 Cloud-Hosted

24/7 Cloud-Hosted

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers unique benefits to help organisations make the digital transformation to a globally mobile business. Ava Clastics is a cloud-hosted SaaS solution so your team can access information when they need it from anywhere in the works on mobile devices or desktop computers.

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