Analogue data can be used to inform a wide range of subsurface workflows, from NtG ranges in exploration volumetrics through to estimated element proportions and spatial transitions for conditioning and quality control of 3D facies models.
Geoscientists need easy access to rich analogue data sources that they can trust, combined with the ability to apply this data seamlessly in their workflows.
Ava Clastics offers an extensible service that integrates proprietary analogue data alongside world-class databases from the University of Leeds and uses innovative data processing services to directly apply the data to any standard or proprietary subsurface workflow.

Find Relevant Analogues

Easily identify relevant analogues from the standard or proprietary data sources, using the various search options including maps, study lists or by applying categorical filters such as palaeoclimate. Learn more about sedimentary classification schemes and also how sedimentary units are related to each other at different scales.

Query for proportions, ranges and transitions

Our advanced filtering capabilities enable rapid filtering of the analogue data and the advanced visualisation options allow users to explore and compare element proportions, ranges and spatial transitions from multiple analogues, capturing alterative plausible analogue scenarios as Depositional Concepts.

Apply analogue data in workflows

Leverage our unique data processing services to apply any Depositional concept to a given subsurface workflow, including proprietary workflows.

Collaborate and audit analogue usage

Consistently apply analogue data to assets cross your portfolio using the collaboration and auditing capabilities in Ava Clastics.


Database Versatility

Your subscription to Ava Clastics comes with access to the FAKTS, SMAKS and DMAKS databases. However, the flexibility of the platform also enables the use of other databases including your own proprietary analogue databases.



While Ava Clastics has a number of built-in features and capabilities, clients often want to incorporate their own logics, analogues, databases and algorithms. We have a team of geoscientists and software developers that can accommodate your specific requirements.



When compiling reserves estimates, production volumes and field development plans, you can accompany the reports with robust user history and the supporting analogues that can be directly exported from Ava Clastics.

Step-by-Step Tutorials


As an Ava Clastics member, you will have access to additional materials such as eBooks, abstracts, case studies, videos, newly published algorithms and video tutorials.


Annual Subscription

Annual subscription to Ava Clastics include access to all sedimentological analogue databases, rapid deployment of upgrades, access to new features and exclusive ‘members only’ materials.

24-7 Cloud-Hosted

24/7 Cloud-Hosted

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers unique benefits to help organisations make the digital transformation to a globally mobile business. Ava Clastics is a cloud-hosted SaaS solution so your team can access information when they need it from anywhere in the works on mobile devices or desktop computers.