What is Ava® Structure?

Software to optimise the structural modelling workflow

Reservoir compartmentalisation is a major uncertainty in subsurface modelling. Poorly understood reservoir compartments and the connections between them affect the volume of movable fluids and can have a serious impact on project viability and profitability. Ava Structure allows you to assess the impact of fault connection uncertainty by generating alternative plausible fault networks in four intuitive and efficient steps. Ava Structure is also available as a plugin for the Petrel* E&P software platform.

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Assess interpretation quality

Ava Structure performs quality control operations directly on seismic interpretation data, analysing fault geometry, horizon stability and extracted fault throw data. A dedicated work area with full integration of over 20 QAQC operations, with supporting guidance and documentation based on industry principles and structural geology rules.

Explore fault tip extensions

Ava Structure’s unique throw extraction methodology generates throw profiles for each interpreted fault, used to estimate probabilistic fault tip extensions for each analysed fault, objectively defining P10, P50 and P90 fault extension and connection cases, which can be interrogated using integrated fault map tracking, zooming and throw point data display.

Understand compartmentalisation uncertainty

Ava Structure reports numerous diagnostics for each case, including number of fault blocks, fault block area or area connected to a well, as well as plotting the extracted throw data. Histograms provide connectivity distributions, allowing uncertainty to be reliably quantified and understood. Fault identification, interactive regression and fault extension trajectory workflows allow complex fault interactions to be identified and captured.

Model uncertainty cases

Stochastic realisations can be exported as modified interpretations with appropriate extensions and connections, feeding directly into structural modelling workflows, and allowing compartmentalisation uncertainty to be routinely integrated into the reservoir modelling workflow.


Data Aware?

Ava Structure is data aware, which means that any change to a data item is flagged and recorded within the assessment card, allowing you to track your interpretation progress, quality and confidence through the workflow.



All your data is treated as confidential, remaining within the Petrel project and never taken to the cloud.



All assessment steps are recorded and saved within the Ava Structure data card. Updates and modifications to interpretations are flagged, providing a fully auditable trail of your interpretation progress, which can be exported as a PDF file.


Step-by-Step Tutorials

As an Ava Structure subscriber you will have access to member exclusive materials ensuring you get the most out of the software.


Full Integration

Ava Structure is a web-based application, fully embedded within the Petrel platform. You can readily access the data items required without having to import or export data into the application.


24/7 Cloud-Hosted

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers unique benefits to help organisations make the digital transformation to a globally mobile business. Ava Structure is a cloud-hosted SaaS solution so your team can access information when they need it from anywhere in the world.


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