Open Source Technology


ETP DevKit

PDS contributed the ETP DevKit to Energistics to reduce the time it takes to implement support for ETP, the Energistics Transfer Protocol.


WITSMLstudio Store

The world's first certified WITSML Store with an open core. Supports WITSML, and 2.0, including ETP.


WITSMLstudio Desktop

An open source, extensible WITSML support and diagnostic application, supporting all current WITSML versions and ETP. Desktop is used by Energistics during WITSML training.

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Product and Services


WITSMLstudio Portal

PDS is developing Portal, a web-based administration console for its WITSMLstudio technology supporting configuration, user management, data security, and system health monitoring.  With this console, WITSMLstudio Store becomes a full-featured WITSML server.


WITSMLstudio Store Adapter

Store Adapter uses a configurable SQL to WITSML mapping and the certified WITSML data handling from WITSMLstudio Store to quickly and easily convert your SQL database into a robust WITSML server. Adapters for other data sources can also be created.


WITSMLstudio DevTest

Community accessible, cloud-hosted Store instances for development and test purposes. Dedicated, custom-configured stores are also available.


WITSMLstudio StoreLink for Excel

An add-in for Excel 2013 and 2016 lets you directly load and analyse WITSML data in Excel workbooks.


WITSMLstudio StoreSync

A flexible data synchronisation tool able to move data between WITSML servers, files on disk, SQL databases and other data sources.


WITSMLstudio Consulting

Take advantage of PDS Group's unique knowledge and expertise with WITSML, and other commonly used drilling data technology, to accelerate your implementation.

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