The ETP Browser is a client application plug-in for PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop. It enables users to connect to any ETP server and send ETP protocol messages. It consists of two sets of tabs for Request and Response functionality.

Request Tabs (Left pane)
  • 0 - Core - manages connections to an ETP server and the configuration of requested protocols
  • 1 - Streaming - provides the ability to Describe object URIs and stream their historical and real-time channel data
  • 3 - Discovery - displays the resource hierarchy of existing data in the server for each supported ML/version using the Discovery protocol
  • 4 - Store - provides a structured editor for sending Store protocol messages
  • 5 - JSON Message - provides a free-form editor for sending ETP messages

Response Tabs (Right pane)
  • Results - displays the result of an ETP function call and streaming values
  • Data Object - displays the Data Object XML portion of the response received from the ETP server
  • ETP Messages - displays the ETP messages sent and received