Spring 20178 WITSML SIG & iLab

Bobby Diaz
Bobby Diaz
23 February 2018

WITSML 2.0 and ETP 1.1 Certification

Starting February 26th you can find us at the Energistics® ETP iLab and WITSML™ SIG Meeting where we will be listening to hear how companies are adopting ETP and WITSML™. The focus for the past year has been on ETP certification and the adoption of WITSML™ 2.0. The development team at PDS has been actively participating in certification discussions and working to help implement the certification framework and test cases.

ETP 1.2

PDS is one of the leading contributors to the next release of ETP, version 1.2. We’ve been working with the Energistics® Architecure and WITSML Technical teams to design additional functionality required and requested by the WITSML™, RESQML™ and PRODML™ communities. The most significant enhancement in ETP 1.2 is the addition of OData-style query support for most protocols. PDS WITSMLstudio Store is the first to implement this functionality and helped facilitate discussions during its development.

If you happen to be at the WITSML™ SIG Meeting, stop by and say hello or grab us in the hall for a more in-depth conversation. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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