Energistics Webinar Digital Transformation
Energistics Webinar Digital Transformation
27 February 2019
In this webinar, hosted by Energistics, Eric Griffith gives an overview of Digital Transformation, the role Energistics’ standards play in the metamorphosis of the industry and how that role should be amplified.

See StoreSync on YouTube
See StoreSync on YouTube
29 March 2018
PDS WITSMLstudio StoreSync Check out the new video for StoreSync where we demonstrate the data transfer capabilities of our latest product.

IADC/SPE Drilling - Day 1
IADC/SPE Drilling - Day 1
06 March 2018
We are hanging out at booth 635 during the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference. Stop by and visit if you are attending!

IADC/SPE Drilling Conference
IADC/SPE Drilling Conference
28 February 2018
Come visit us at booth 635! PDS will be exhibiting at the 2018 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference from March 6th through the 8th.

Spring 2018 WITSML SIG & iLab
Spring 2018 WITSML SIG & iLab
23 February 2018
WITSML 2.0 and ETP 1.1 Certification Starting February 26th you can find us at the Energistics® ETP iLab and WITSML™ SIG Meeting.

WITSMLstudio 2.0 and ETP 1.1
WITSML 2.0 and ETP 1.1 Update

01 December 2016 

With the official releases of WITSML 2.0 and ETP 1.1 out in the wild, we wanted to take the opportunity to update all of the open source components utilizing the latest generations of these standards.

WITSMLstudio Releases
PDS Releases Open Source WITSML Technologies

09 November 2016

PDS WITSML Server and PDS WITSML Studio help companies rapidly test and deploy WITSML-enabled solutions.

WITSML ETP Security Update
PDS WITSML Studio - ETP Security Update

27 October 2016

The upcoming release of ETP v1.1 mandates the use of token based authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and recommends the use of SSL to secure the WebSocket communications

WITSML Initial Release
PDS WITSML Studio - Initial Release

24 September 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of the first public preview of PDS WITSML Studio, a Windows desktop application that can be used to query WITSML and ETP servers.

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