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Image PDS Bulgaria CapabilitiesBulgaria has an outstanding talent pool of experienced software developers coupled with a world-class digital infrastructure, political stability, ubiquitous English fluency, adjacent timezone and easy accessibility from anywhere in Europe. Major tech companies, including IBM, SAP, Skyscanner and Uber have recognised the benefits of low-cost, high-value software development in Bulgaria.

For the last 10 years, PDS Bulgaria has been the nearshore software development engine dedicated to PDS Group companies and their major clients in the United States, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

PDS Bulgaria is now able to extend these same service offerings to other potential clients across Europe and the UK.

We specialise in a form of client relationship which is pro-active, cooperative and durable. With a wide range of IT skills in-house, we are able to support a truly collaborative relationship at every stage of the application lifecycle - from co-ideation through to operation and support.

Our capabilities include desktop, cloud, mobile and industrial software across a number of IT environments. We offer software application development with fixed-price delivery responsibility, or can participate in your own development projects (to provide certified QA testing, for example). We also offer to supplement or replace your existing in-house IT capability to increase quality and reduce costs.

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