Presented on: Tuesday 10th December 2019
Duration: 44 Minutes

Assessing and Quantifying Structural and Water Saturation Uncertainties in Reservoir Models

This webinar will investigate the effect fault connectivity has on reservoirs by way of the number of faults blocks or their area and the likely well count required in each of the scenarios.

Presented on: Tuesday 12th November 2019
Duration: 49 Minutes

How Quality Data Blended with Scientific Methodologies Leads to Increased Confidence in Volume Ranges

This webinar will investigate how blending high-quality data available with proven scientific methodologies increases confidence in volume ranges.

Presented on: Tuesday 15th October 2019
Duration: 55 Minutes

Structural Uncertainty and Reservoir Models

Faults are longer than interpreted due to seismic image limitations. How much longer is uncertain, as well as how that affects reservoir compartmentalisation.

Presented on: Tuesday 24th September 2019
Duration: 58 Minutes

Improving Reservoir Facies Modelling with Analogue Databases

Using analogue data to build or validate facies models is considered best practice in reservoir modelling. However, the practical reality of analogue usage is challenging. Quantitative analogue data distributions can be used to inform both object-based and variogram-based modelling algorithms.

Presented on: Tuesday 10th September 2019
Duration: 45 Minutes

Water Saturation Uncertainty and Reservoir Models

Water saturation is a key component to the hydrocarbon volume equation, and as such uncertainties in its determination at log scale and application to reservoir models via saturation height functions should be investigated, and multiple or alternate scenarios considered.

Presented on: Tuesday 14th May 2019
Duration: 55 Minutes

Investigating Structural Uncertainties in the Reservoir Modelling Workflow

Poorly understood reservoir compartments and the connections between them affect the volume of movable oil or gas in a given field and can have a serious impact on field viability and profitability.

Presented on: Wednesday 10th April 2019
Duration: 53 Minutes

Investigating Specific Uncertainties in the Reservoir Modelling Workflow

Effectively exploring subsurface uncertainties is one of the challenges facing geoscientists when investigating and modelling reservoirs.

Presented on: Tuesday 15th January 2019
Duration: 52 Minutes

The Impact of Saturation Height Functions on Real-World Reservoir Models

Using well data from two fields, this webinar introduces several well-known methods for deriving saturation-height functions, including Leverett-J, Skelt-Harrison and Cuddy FOIL.

Presented on: Tuesday 18th September 2018
Duration: 45 Minutes

Improve your Saturation Models with Ava® Saturation

Applying different saturation height function methods can lead to differing views of fluid distribution within a hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir and dissimilar volumetric estimates.

Presented on: Tuesday 14th August 2018
Duration: 48 Minutes

Bringing Analogues into Reservoir Facies Modelling Workflows

Discover how modelled 3D facies distributions on both the depositional element and architectural element scale can be improved by the use of geological analogue information.

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