Agreement to Access PDS Ava Demonstrator

By filling in the details below you are confirming that you, the "Evaluator", have read and understood the terms and conditions under which PDS is granting you access to the PDS Ava Demonstrator, and that you agree to such. Once PDS has received your response you will be issued with access information and a password.
I wish to access the PDS Ava Demonstrator and hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.
  1. I agree that my use of the PDS Ava Demonstrator will be for evaluation purposes only, and I will undertake the evaluation personally on behalf of my Company.
  2. I agree that I will keep the access password provided to me by PDS confidential and not permit others to use it to access the Demonstrator, and that although I may permit other personnel of my Company to participate in my evaluation, I will do so only by allowing them to view my physical screen.
  3. I agree that I will not share the results or other information about my evaluation with anyone other than with PDS personnel or with personnel of my Company with a bona-fide need to know.
  4. I agree that I will give feedback to PDS by email and/or interview upon request and participate in reasonable surveys conducted by PDS about the Ava Products.
  5. I agree not to copy or download any of the Ava website content or Ava Product content in any form.
  6. I have read the following documents on the PDS website ( and downloaded/printed them for my records. I understand that they detail the general terms and conditions under which PDS has granted me access to the PDS Website and its Service, specifically, the Ava Product Demonstrators. I understand these general terms and conditions and I hereby agree to them (along with the terms and conditions listed above):
  1. PDS General website T&C’s (
  2. PDS Copyright Notice (
  3. Privacy Policy (
  4. Cookies Policy (

I hereby confirm I have read and agree to the terms of the Agreement to Access PDS Ava Demonstrator (please type your name and enter the date):

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