Partnering With PDS

Partnering with PDS Group can bring innovative technology to the Oil and Gas marketplace faster.

The impact of the Oil Industry downturn on new technology acquisition threatens the entire supply chain; operators, service companies and the R&D ecosystem upon which they depend. In a market blighted by stalled R&D programmes and broken strategic relationships, by the flight of top talent and by the write-off of billions of dollars of intellectual capital, it is exceptionally difficult to generate the green shoots of a technology-led recovery that so many believe is vital for our future. We all need to learn to work smarter and more efficiently - and for new technologies this means an opportunity for new business models to emerge.

Partnering Possibilities


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How PDS Group Can Help

If software is your business (and/or your passion) and you are looking for an experienced partner to help you grow beyond your current boundaries in the petrotechnical software market, PDS Group can help. We have an extensive history of working with leading industry suppliers, transforming R&D insights into viable, value-adding solutions deployed directly into E&P workflows, and adopted across clients’ global operations. Our understanding of the market and its players is based on a history of focused petrotechnical software activities going back nearly forty years.

We believe the key to success in the future petrotechnical software market will be the ability for disparate organizations to partner in an agile manner to accelerate the movement of new technologies through the maturity lifecycle, and to support their market take-up. By partnering with PDS, in addition to technical and commercial support and guidance, you will get access to our cloud-hosted technology deployment and support platform, able to deliver you, your virtual presence, and your software products and services directly to target users' desktops and mobile devices.


Many academic and research partners need a delivery mechanism to get their technology into the market. Sometimes it's as simple as providing the appropriate brand awareness, demand generation, or content strategy for them to gain widespread adoption. If this describes your organisation, we can help by building an appropriate frontend marketing effort to effectively reach your target audience.

Sales & Channel Strategy

When you have great technology, but need boots on the ground to manage customer relationships, penetrate new markets and increase sales volumes, we can determine an appropriate go-to-market strategy with you. It might include pipeline growth and management, or it could be more useful to set up a value-added resale or OEM distributorship. Regardless, we can find a way to ensure your technology reaches the right customers.

Research & Development

Sometimes research tools have reached their maturity and are ready to be deployed to the masses, but they require additional development to make them market-ready. We have experience creating partnerships that support collaborative R&D and technology commercialisation helping organisations reconfigure their technology for mass distribution.

Bespoke Software Development

Is your backlog growing faster than you can develop or are you missing critical oil and gas expertise to transform the requirements into viable feature sets? We can partner with you to deliver software components, and/or insert critical talent where you need it - interfacing between research, product and DevOps teams to break down the barriers and deliver product enhancements to the market faster.

Service Contract Management

There is a critical shortage of talent that understands the E&P workflow and can develop meaningful software for end-users. Faced with customisation and challenging systems integration work to get your technology working within your client's organisation, you might require some help fulfilling service contract obligations. We would be happy to investigate opportunities to work together.

Cloud-hosting & Cloud-computing

Working together with Schlumberger, we are helping businesses large and small transform their desktop applications into cloud solutions. The newest 17.2 version of Petrel* E&P software platform will support both desktop and cloud technology. We can help your organisation with the transition to cloud-computing so you can fully integrate with the new operating environment.

Value-added Resales (VAR)

Sometimes two companies have independent products, services or IP that can complement each other and expand their served available market opportunities. In these cases, we can create a technology cross-licensing partnership with an appropriate royalty or revenue sharing model.