Speed and Robustness: Two Benefits of Using Geological Analogues in Static Modelling


In a timed-trial, a 12-year experienced development geologist with a history of working in several major oil companies developing static models of fields in the North Sea, West Africa and onshore eastern Europe using Petrel* E&P software platform, was provided a dataset from the Crux Field, offshore Northern Australia. The geologist had no prior experience or knowledge of the Crux Field. The Crux dataset included: 5 wells (4 with reservoir penetrations), full log suites for each well, drilling reports, checkshot data and 270 km2 3D seismic data.
From this dataset, the participant was asked to create an analogue-based reservoir model in Petrel under two different scenarios, both of which would be timed. The comparison sought to understand the differences between the two workflows in terms of time and model robustness. Time was monitored by a third-party moderator, and model robustness was defined as the quality of analogues used, number of models produced and their fit to geological understanding of the reservoir.

In the first scenario, the subject was provided only the dataset and a computer with access to the Internet and a license of Petrel installed. In the second scenario, the subject was provided the exact same dataset and computer, only this time the participant had access to Ava Clastics and was asked to utilise the cloud-based application to perform their work. In both scenarios, the geologist was asked to document the process.

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Image Above: A chart from Ava Clastics representing the widths vs thicknesses for depositional elements,
channel complex utilising the analogues available in the FAKTS database



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