Ava Clastics is available as an annual or multi-year subscription-based license. Our flexible usage-based plans are suitable for teams of all sizes. Once signed up, users can explore the analogue databases, create Depositional Concepts, and seamlessly apply their facies models in Petrel* E&P software platform. Ava Clastics offers team-wide access, the ability to share Depositional Concepts with named subscribers, and the option to add a community portal for faster adoption and domain governance of corporate-wide best practices. Licenses also provide access to elite ‘subscriber-only’ content not available to the general public and continuous product updates and enhancements. Key features of our licenses:
  • Annual or multi-year, subscription-based licensing
  • As a SaaS offering all updates and database updates are included
  • Software is licensed for a number of usage hours per month
  • Tiered pricing model (cost per hour decreases with amount purchased)
  • Idle time, if longer than one 1 hour, does not count towards usage quota
  • Unused hours roll over once to the next month
  • Maintenance and standard support included in the subscription
  • No limit on concurrent usage by multiple users within the agreed usage plan

*Mark of Schlumberger