About PDS Group

At PDS Group, we strive to be masters of our chosen craft; to envisage new possibilities and bring them to reality. We turn the latest scientific and engineering thinking into innovative software products that help our clients push the envelope of industry best practices, and solve real world problems in fundamentally better ways.


Our team of more than 150 employees, representing 27 nationalities, and drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds, makes us an incredibly talented, diverse and international organisation. We provide an environment for our employees that encourages experimentation, collaboration and professional growth within office facilities designed to promote creativity and comfort.


You'll find us intensely focused on problem-solving, and yet incredibly engaging, fun and relaxed in our daily interactions. Our PDS community is considerate - we care about each other and the impact we make on the world around us.

We believe that innovation is something that happens when you challenge yourself and your colleagues to:

  • Think deeper about what you know and what you don't;
  • Reach further into your imagination to envision something better;
  • Search wider to find the smartest way to realise your vision;
  • Fight harder to overcome all obstacles in your way; and
  • Realise success and then start all over again, because it's in your DNA.

If this describes you, then a career at PDS Group will be an exciting journey into technology, science and community. If you are interested in joining one of our teams, submit your resume.