Impact of Varying Saturation Height Function Methods

The goal of this study is to highlight the value of considering multiple approaches and differing scenarios when saturation height modelling; even if it means using multiple functions for different fault blocks and/or porosity/permeability class.


A Geologist’s Guide to Geophysical Well Log Analysis

A new eGuide packed with the basics you’ll need to confidently provide answers to some of the fundamental questions about ‘down-hole’ geology.


Comparison Using Different Saturation Height Methods

In this paper we look at how varying methods for calculating saturation height functions affects hydrocarbon volumetric estimates.



What’s your preferred method for building saturation models?

Some key considerations to think about when choosing a given method.


A multidisciplinary approach to saturation modelling

What are the benefits of geologists, reservoir engineers and petrophysicists working together on the saturation model?


How do you build your saturation models?

Discover how Matt Bowyer goes about building saturation height functions.


What is saturation modelling?

It is crucial to determine the saturation of each fluid and the nature of the transition between each fluid phase throughout a reservoir.
Saturation modelling plays a crucial role in doing so.


Meet Ava Saturation

Discover how Ava Saturation supports rapid and improved saturation modelling.

Geo ExPro Article

Team PDS Ava features in an article in Geo ExPro magazine which explores how bright ideas can be brought to the market as commercially viable offerings.


Learn how to get the most out of your reservoir models with Ava.