Meet Ava Clastics

Discover how the Ava Clastics application supports rapid and improved facies modelling.

Meet the Minds Behind FAKTS

Learn about the FAKTS database of outcrop and modern analogues by the University of Leeds.

SMAKS: Shallow-Marine Analogues

The University of Leeds describes the Shallow-Marine Architecture Knowledge Store (SMAKS).


DMAKS is a sophisticated new sedimentary analogue database which brings a new level of quantitative data to the characterisation of deep-water clastic reservoirs.


Infographic: Ava Clastics

Ava Clastics at-a-glance. In this infographic you’ll discover how easy it is to create Depositional Concepts in five simple steps.

Infographic: Facts about FAKTS

Do you know how many fluvial architectural elements have been captured in the FAKTS database?

Learn more in this infographic.

Infographic: Facts about SMAKS

Discover SMAKS at-a-glance and see how this database can help your geologists model shallow-marine successions.

Infographic: Facts about DMAKS

How many deep-water facies are represented in the DMAKS?

Our infographic has all the details.


Learn how to get the most out of your reservoir models.