Production Enterprise Workbench

The optimisation of production from subsurface assets is highly dependent on the knowledge, skills and experience of the specialised engineers engaged in surveillance. Production Enterprise allows them to work closely with their surveillance system to evolve, apply, automate and share analysis tools that incorporate their specialised expertise; to codify and share knowledge with their colleagues, and to drive best practices throughout the organisation.
Production Enterprise includes a core set of well-centric, production engineering workflows and other content to help operators understand subsurface behaviour and pinpoint the root cause of issues related to production changes such as: build-up of flow impairments, e.g. scale, asphaltines or hydrates; or the onset of artificial lift or EOR anomalies in water, steam, and gas injection settings.
This "out-of-the-box" content may be customised and expanded upon by the surveillance engineer using the Production Enterprise Workbench. The Workbench is used to run, customise and create new content. It also serves as an analytical tool, providing easy access to curated data with powerful analytical and visualisation capabilities. Developed content can easily be shared with other users, within asset team and with peers across the organisation, supporting bottom-up learning and top-down dissemination of emergent best practices.

Production Enterprise leverages cutting-edge and complementary innovations in connectivity, instrumentation and machine intelligence. These enable it to handle higher rate, higher volume data streams, combining them with rich sources of contextual information in real time to deliver valuable insights actionable by machines, by humans, and by both working in collaboration.

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