Petrotechnical Software R&D Services

PDS Group's Petrotechnical Software team has market-leading experience building custom petrotechnical software across the technology readiness lifecycle from early R&D to operationally deployed and supported tools and systems. We work with your technical experts to incorporate research results and domain insights within software designed for your unique working environment, your existing platforms and systems, and your operational requirements for widespread adoption. We help you capture and transfer data and knowledge throughout your organisation via reliable, user-friendly technology so your business can run more competitively.

Over the past twenty years, we have developed literally hundreds of petrotechnical software products, deployed across the E&P lifecycle - from early stage regional exploration studies to abandonment planning, for users in all main E&P disciplines and for their operational and functional leadership teams.

Exploration and Production - Subsurface


  • Petroleum systems analysis
  • Basin modelling
  • CSEM/Seismic 4D
  • Geophysical interpretation
  • Petrophysical interpretation
  • Geomodelling
  • Reservoir simulation

Exploration and Production - Drilling


  • Well planning
  • Well design
  • Drilling operations
  • Functional excellence

Exploration and Production - Production


  • Integrated Production System(IPS) surveillance
  • IPS optimisation
  • Well modelling

Exploration and Production - Engineering

E&P Management

  • Hydrocarbon development planning
  • Data and knowledge management
  • Corporate dashboards
  • Workflow and business process management
  • Geomatics

What Makes Us Unique

Our teams provide a uniquely experienced combination of IT know-how, scientific R&D skills and domain expertise that ensures our clients' aims and aspirations are properly challenged before being formulated into software design goals.

Our team has:

  • Detailed understanding of the scientific and engineering challenges of the target domain and the status of current research within the industry and academia
  • Expertise and skills in applied mathematics, computer and data sciences, and software engineering
  • In-depth experience of the industry's leading petrotechnical software platforms, tools and standards, and those of the broader IT marketplace
  • Practical experience of exploration and production operations, and knowledge of what it takes to integrate, deploy and support successful petrotechnical software

Platform and Technology Expertise

What Experience Has Taught Us:

Advances in technology and globalisation have made it possible to build upon open source and publicly accessible software code. However, the missing piece for many companies is not the availability of the code, or even the developers for that matter. Rather it's the lack of specialised talent to creatively modify or incorporate the code in a way that is meaningful to a specific workflow, application or challenge.

When working with PDS Group you will benefit from collaboratively investigating solutions for your domain with a team that understands the intricacies of your operations. Validating the research and building the use case together ensures the science and knowledge of your team is infused in every aspect of the technology. We will help you plan the staging of operational roll-out to best match your organisation's ability to absorb new technology, and will help you engage with the users to plan for the next release cycle.

And, to keep costs under control, we blend our business proximal activities with nearshore services utilising our Centre of Expertise in Bulgaria.