Software Overview

PDS Group develops software applications and eServices that leverage the latest advances in computer and data sciences, e.g. numerical modelling, machine learning, and predictive analytics, for mobile, cloud and high-performance computing platforms.

We work collaboratively with our customers and partners to develop and market innovative SaaS products and software technologies designed to make a difference to our clients.

Our aim is to take the best technologies that IT can offer and use them to craft software products that not only apply better science, but enable the science to be applied more effectively in everyday workflows.

Software-as-a-Service Applications

Our cloud-hosted SaaS products, such as our Ava portfolio of geomodelling tools, are an excellent choice for companies that are aiming to rationalise their on-premise IT infrastructures, or take advantage of the rapid release cycles that SaaS enables.  Our Ava products are designed to address geomodelling challenges widely recognised in the Industry as critical for its future recovery.  For example, Ava Clastics, helps geologists transform analogues into parameters for facies modelling algorithms. Updated on a bi-monthly basis, and designed to work seamlessly with industry-standard reservoir modelling platforms such as Petrel® E&P software platform, Ava Clastics combines the best of academic research and IT.

Open Source Technology

Improvements in architectural open standards supporting software and data; in artificial intelligence; and in software engineering tooling are enabling a transformation of the marketplace for reusable software components and services. Although still in its infancy, a new virtual publishing powerhouse for software services and source code is starting to emerge as developers trade proprietary, open source and crowd sourced offerings, available as custom configured, custom tailored or vanilla off-the-shelf components and services for use across an increasingly significant portion of the requisite sourcecode stack.

Companies like PDS who leverage 3rd party software for competitive differentiation, will need to find ways to play a value adding part in this ecosystem as customer, partner and supplier. And that is exactly what we are doing in the drilling engineering and operations market. We are contributing to the world’s open source libraries and to open industry standards, and regularly expand upon these foundational, robust sources to bring technology to the market faster. For example, our WITSMLstudio initiative is delivering industry-leading, standards-based, open source solutions for drilling data management.

WITSMLstudio is a portal that provides regular updates to our server and desktop client application which are designed to help E&P operators and drilling service companies adopt and utilise the latest WITSML 2.0 standards. In addition to the open source technology, we are helping our customers access, mine and analyse their WITSML data by creating cloud-hosted services, connectors and custom dashboards to support analytics for real-time wellsite surveillance and drilling optimisation.

Production Enterprise, Digital Well Twin and the Industrial Internet of Things

Production Enterprise is SaaS technology that combines the Digital Well Twin with other services and content to provide an open, interactive and collaborative IT environment for production surveillance and optimisation. Once implemented it can be extended as new content is provided by PDS Group, by other content-providers, and by engineering thought-leaders throughout the user organisation.

PDS Group is developing its Digital Well Twin as the first of its Digital Twin assets. Our vision for Production Enterprise is to enable field-level management and optimisation as a continuous, semi-autonomous process. In the future, the Digital Field Twin will model each asset within the production network at the level of detail required to identify and manage production system bottlenecks, and ensure that limited optimisation resources are applied to the interventions that will deliver the greatest overall business benefit.

Petrotechnical Software R&D Services

PDS is a recognised industry leader in petrotechnical software R&D with a successful track record of working with our clients’ internal technology organisations to innovate across all key areas of the E&P technology landscape.

Deployed across the E&P lifecycle and across the full span of core E&P business activities, our petrotechnical software products and services help our customers work more efficiently, make better decisions, and recognise and respond to calls for action in a more timely and appropriate manner. 

In today’s operating environment with fewer expert personnel and the need for stringent controls on capital expenditure and operating performance, our software plays a central role by:

  • Ensuring the availability of key proprietary and 3rd party data;
  • Improving technical analyses and modelling work;
  • Automating workflows; and
  • Capturing, codifying and managing knowledge such as insights and best practices.