Ava Clastics


Analogue data can be used to inform a wide range of subsurface workflows, from NtG ranges in exploration volumetrics through to estimated element proportions and spatial transitions for conditioning and quality control of 3D facies models.
Geoscientists need easy access to rich analogue data sources that they can trust, combined with the ability to apply this data seamlessly in their workflows.
Ava Clastics offers an extensible service that integrates proprietary analogue data alongside world-class databases from the University of Leeds and uses innovative data processing services to directly apply the data to any standard or proprietary subsurface workflow.
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 Ava Structure


Reservoir compartmentalisation is a major uncertainty in subsurface modelling. Poorly understood reservoir compartments and the connections between them affect the volume of movable fluids and can have a serious impact on project viability and profitability.
Ava Structure allows you to assess the impact of fault connection uncertainty by generating alternative plausible fault networks in four intuitive and efficient steps. It is available as either a standalone application or plug-in for the Petrel* E&P software platform.
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