Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling

Using platforms such as Petrel and SKUA-GOCAD, our team can help you build a more robust understanding of basin prospectivity, and develop better strategies for green field and near-field exploration.

Our studies include developing an understanding about how the basin was formed, what fluids and sediments are likely to be filling it, and what processes have contributed to their formation and migration. Linking the diagenetic processes with petrophysical properties, well log data, seismic etc., we then create basin models to provide a framework of the petroleum system(s) and predictions of their likelihood to contain hydrocarbons.

Structural Uncertainty Modelling

Using proprietary technology, our team can assess the impact of structural uncertainties on reservoir models. By taking into consideration seismic interpretation uncertainty and knowledge of the regional structural evolution, we can use high confidence fault interpretations as input to define alternative plausible discrete structural scenarios, which can then be carried through the conventional modelling workflow to simulation.

Facies Modelling

Facies modelling is a critical workflow step in developing an understanding of the impact of reservoir heterogeneity on producibility, a task that is becoming increasingly intricate as the Industry continues to find new resources in complex reservoir environments. Using a combination of our Ava Clastics sedimentology software and in-house expertise in both conventional and more advanced forms of sedimentological modelling, we can help you generate more realistic facies representations at multiple scales.

Saturation Modelling

Understanding the distribution of fluids within the reservoir and predicting free water levels helps operators to optimise asset development plans with more realistic recovery scenarios. Robust saturation models allow improved understanding of water cut development meaning better planning for facilities and produced water handling.
Our team can construct geologically constrained saturation models to help engineers understand the petrophysical properties such as porosity, permeability and water saturation that control reservoir production.

Integrated Reservoir Modelling

Our team has experience with complex reservoir modelling that integrates structural, sedimentary and petrophysical reservoir properties to produce realistic volumetric estimations. We have proficiency in building models in Petrel, DecisionSpace, SKUA-GOCAD and JewelSuite, and can help provide support and expertise; inputting datasets into models, reviewing your models or building models from scratch. We can also provide insights and training on how to utilise the various applications and workflows within your chosen reservoir modelling platform.