Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Business Strategy Studies

Learn how your business can leverage our experience in IoT, big data, machine learning, workflow automation, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to gain a competitive advantage and build a sustainable future.

Software Implementation & Systems Integration

Discover how we manage software implementation and systems integration projects.

Southeast Europe Operations

When guessing is no longer an option, a culture of data-driven decision making is the bleeding-edge advantage of tomorrow’s forerunners. Consolidating the data sources of the enterprise and turning them into the nerve center has been the mission of PDS Bulgaria ever since...

Petroleum Industry Solutions

The petroleum industry has a long history of being a world leader in developing and testing technologies which have now matured as mainstream change levers for the digitalisation revolution. Over the years PDS has played an integral role in…

A Multi-Disiplinary Team Combined With The Right Technology

Digital transformation initiatives require more than just a team of technologists or IT gurus. Managing change when established business models and operations are evolving is a challenge every organisation faces when ‘going digital’.

It’s important to select the right partner that can reduce the stress and frustration these transitions often create for frontline employees. You’ll need a team that can speak the same language as your staff who is able to translate business operational and functional requirements into project specifications.

We believe the best way to successfully manage a digital initiative is to bring together the right group of experts and enthusiasts from your team and ours, and pair them with technology specialists to create something revolutionary for the organisation.  

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Digital Business Strategy Studies

Our studies are designed to help our clients explore and understand the opportunities and applications of emerging digitalisation technology, and how they can be leveraged to meet your business objectives.

Our process is straightforward:


Appraise current business practices and processes, benchmarking them against industry best practices and trends.

Pathfinder Projects

Identify and assess opportunities for transformation, selecting “low hanging fruit” projects that could act as pathfinders for more substantial programmes.

Feasibility Studies

Undertake detailed feasibility studies, evaluating implementation options and strategies, and delivering investment proposals and recommendations for the way forward managing both the project and the adoption by users.

Change Management

Initiate and manage change programmes encompassing organisational, process and technology changes including training, documentation, eLearning courses and other methods during roll-out.

These are some of the current trends our clients engage us to investigate:
Implementing real-time data analytics to improve operations and decision-making
Reaching customers through mobile devices
Profiling the impact of a technology investment
Working more efficiently and effectively with partners, particularly on large CapEx projects
Gaining new insights and responding in ways that were never possible before
Automating workflows to capture critical knowledge and rapidly disseminate best practices

Software Implementation and Systems Integration

Our full lifecycle Software Implementation and Systems Integration Services utilise the methodologies, tools and best practices we have developed through hands-on experience of delivering software engineering projects undertaken for major corporations over the past twenty years.

Our experience spans all current technology stacks including cloud and mobile platforms and High Performance Computing. We are leaders in the use of agile methods and tooling, and consult in agile and software engineering excellence techniques. Our SQA practice is well established in its center of expertise in Bulgaria, and delivers SQA consulting to clients across the PDS Group.

Our Software Implementation and Systems Integration services encompass:
  • Strategy planning and program management
  • Requirements engineering and software selection
  • Software and database development, integration and deployment
  • Software maintenance and support

Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry has a long history of being a world leader in developing and testing technologies which have now matured as mainstream change levers for the digitalisation revolution. Over the years PDS has played an integral role in many such initiatives, e.g.:

  • Big data and data-driven modelling for well performance optimisation
  • Internet of Things for production surveillance
  • Mobile platforms and SaaS for drilling operations EHS management
  • Real-time data analytics for drilling performance optimisation
  • Digital marketing for petroleum B2C retail

This experience has given us unique insights into the game-changing potential of these technologies, as well as the deployment challenges and obstacles that hinder their adoption across global and geographically diverse business units. A critical success factor for widespread use is a deep understanding of the impact these disruptive technologies have on everyday business practices and workflows. This requires domain expertise – a key differentiator of working with PDS Group.