PDS Group Consulting

Geoscience Consulting Expertise

For over a decade, our Geoscience Consulting team has supported E&P operators, large and small, to help them:

  • Link geological constraints to production volumes.
  • Evaluate and rank prospects;
  • Support data-driven field development plans;

We have a team of geoscientists capable of modelling:

  • Basin and petroleum systems;
  • Structural uncertainty;
  • Facies; and
  • Saturation;

As experts in integrated reservoir modelling, we can help provide support and expertise; inputting datasets into models, reviewing your models or building  models from scratch. We can also provide insights and training on how to utilise the various applications and workflows within your chosen reservoir modelling platform.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation initiatives require more than just a team of technologists or IT gurus; you need a partner with the domain expertise who understands your business and is experienced in helping organisations embrace new business operational models and technology. Getting your IT right when everything is going through rapid change is a challenge every organisation faces when ‘going digital’.

For more than 20 years, we have helped large and mid-size organisations implement new technology in a variety of ways:

  • Implementing real-time data analytics to improve operations and decision-making;
  • Reaching customers through mobile devices;
  • Profiling the impact of a technology investment;
  • Working more efficiently and effectively with partners, particularly on large CapEx projects;
  • Gaining new insights and responding in ways that were never possible before; and
  • Automating workflows to capture critical knowledge and rapidly disseminate best practices.