PDS Group


PDS Group is a globally established supplier of petrotechnical software and technical consulting services to the Exploration and Production Industry.   Our technology is used to help discover and optimize hydrocarbon and CCS resources and manage well-site operations.


PDS Group develops software applications and digital services that leverage the latest advances in computer and data sciences. Working collaboratively with our customers, we craft software products that apply better science to everyday workflows.


Want to improve your workflows, or review your existing Petrel* E&P software platform models? We have a team of geoscientists ready to help you with reservoir and basin modelling. We also offer consulting services for a range of digital transformation projects, including systems integration, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

*Mark of Schlumberger

Geoscience Consulting

Geoscience Expertise

Whether you are under pressure to meet critical deadlines, lack expertise for a particular reservoir challenge, or you simply want to validate and QC your reservoir model or Petrel workflows, we can help. For over a decade we have been working together with oil companies to support geophysics, geology, petrophysics, reservoir modelling and basin modelling workflows and interpretations using a variety of platforms such as TechLog, Petrel, JewelSuite, DecisionSpace and more.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We believe the best way to successfully manage a digital initiative is to bring together the right group of experts from your team and ours, and pair them with technology specialists to create something revolutionary for your organisation. PDS Group can help you make the right digital business choices, navigate a marketplace of overlapping and unproven digital technologies, and deliver solutions that work.