PDS Group

PDS Group is a globally established supplier of petrotechnical software and technical consulting services to the Exploration and Production Industry. While actively expanding our operations to adjacent sectors such as Utilities and Natural Resources, we remain fully committed to our traditional markets, working with industry leaders in Exploration and Production to reinvent petrotechnical software and break new ground in digital transformation.


PDS Group develops software applications and eServices that leverage the latest advances in computer and data sciences, to solve our customers' most difficult problems. Working collaboratively with our customers, we take the best technologies that IT can offer, and use them to craft software products that not only apply better science, but enable the science to be applied more effectively in everyday workflows.


Want to improve your workflows, or review your existing Petrel* E&P software platform models? We have a team of geoscientists ready to help you with reservoir and basin modelling. We also offer consulting services for a range of digital transformation projects, including systems integration, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

*Mark of Schlumberger

Geoscience Consulting

Geoscience Expertise

Whether you are under pressure to meet critical deadlines, lack expertise for a particular reservoir challenge, or you simply want to validate and QC your reservoir model or Petrel workflows, we can help. For over a decade we have been working together with oil companies to support geophysics, geology, petrophysics, reservoir modelling and basin modelling workflows and interpretations using a variety of platforms such as TechLog, Petrel, JewelSuite, DecisionSpace and more.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation 

We believe the best way to successfully manage a digital initiative is to bring together the right group of experts from your team and ours, and pair them with technology specialists to create something revolutionary for your organisation. PDS Group can help you make the right digital business choices, navigate a marketplace of overlapping and unproven digital technologies, and deliver solutions that work.


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StarTex Software was founded in 2009 with the goal of delivering the most usable, highest performing, and visually appealing software possible. Today we have over 100,000 users in more than 45 countries and offices in Houston and The Hague.

StarTex Software LLC is a subsidiary of Petrotechnical Data Systems, a 20 year old company specialising in Oil & Gas E&P software consulting and development.


Partnering with PDS Group can bring your innovative technology to market faster.

We are interested in helping companies, large and small, convert their research ideas into business reality. New business models and partnering can make the difference between surviving and flourishing in these challenging markets. Irrespective of whether you have an early stage concept, a prototype or a commercial product, if you have software technology you value and are actively considering new business or marketing strategies, PDS Group would like to work with you to evaluate opportunities for collaboration, and for building synergies through co-creation and for realising operational efficiencies through resource sharing and joint sales and marketing activities.

We offer a variety of ways to partner with research, academic and commercial entities.